Grow Salone provides a range of training programmes and business services to suit all of your training and skills-acquisition needs. We encourage all clients to go through one of our consultation processes so that we are best able to make a tailored skills-acquisition proposal to your senior leadership team. 

We recommend all of our clients engage in a skills-mapping process to help us to provide data-driven training recommendations and performance-management insights. The cost of our Skills Mapping services are fully discountable against future training services.

Our Training Programmes

Make your team more productive, reliable and efficient with the Modular Skills Programme.

This suite of modules seeks to improve the performance of your employees by providing a broad range of practical, applicable soft and technical skills and the opportunity to put them into practice.

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Future Solutions supports organisations to be more resilient and stable in the face of changing business practices.

This suite of modules seeks to bridge the digital, systems and managerial skills gaps to ensure that teams are productive and efficient when working remotely. 

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