Recent global events have opened the world to a brand-new future; a digital future that requires future solutions. Remote working has become reality all over the world. Not only does it permit staff to be flexible, permit organisations to divest from costly and burdensome office spaces, it opens up the world for regional and international collaboration, service delivery and consultancy.

Presence is no longer limited to the physical world. Team-working is no longer limited by geography. With Future Solutions, your work can be conducted together, remotely.

About the Programme

In response to these challenges, we devised a suite of training modules to improve productivity, management and morale amongst teams working remotely.

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Why Future Solutions?

In June 2020 we surveyed a cross-section of organisations, representing over 3,000 staff in Sierra Leone, to better understand the challenges that their organisations and staff were facing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have taken this research and designed a world-class suite of training modules to provide organisations with a platform to operate efficiently and to ensure staff welfare during periods of remote working

Our research helped us to identify the greatest opportunities for our Future Solutions programme, and have informed our curriculum and delivery design.


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Our Training Modules

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FSP-1 Working in Remote Teams

Working remotely is a skill in itself; managing your space, time, work and schedule is challenging. Working remotely can also benefit you, in your professional and work life.

In this module we equip participants with the perspective that remote working brings opportunities. The overall objective of this module is to develop a proactive and open approach towards remote collaboration. Participants will adopt tools and practices to strengthen remote team-working, learning how to improve communication, create better working relations and to increase the chance for success in team projects.

FSP-2 Remote Team Communication

Increasingly, we rely on multiple mediums of communication in the workplace: email, instant messengers, video conferencing, telephone calls and online productivity platforms all feature in our daily workplace activities. Choosing the right method and learning how to use it effectively can improve efficiency and productivity, whether working remotely or not.

This module focuses on developing strong communication behaviours such as call etiquette, non-verbal communication, preparing the workplace and documentation for business calls etc.

FSP-3 Productivity & Video Conferencing Tools

The Productivity Tools & Video Conferencing Tools module provides practical, technical training on how to use various productivity and video conferencing tools. This module explores common productivity tools such as Microsoft Teams, Google Suite, common Video Conferencing tools such as Zoom, Skype, Google Meets as well as useful functionality in more familiar software such as Microsoft Word’s Track Changes Options.

Our trainer-lead sessions guide participants through the tools that are available to them to unlock the potential of working remotely. The course is suitable for all staff and focusses participants’ attention on the tools as a way to collaborate, communicate and deliver in a productive virtual environment.

FSP-4 Maintaining Productivity at Home

This module provides practical advice and tools to create an environment, both mental and physical, that enables productivity when working from home. This module focuses on the opportunities that arise if employees can combine the effectiveness of the office with the flexibility of working from home.

We develop fundamental skills for productivity, such as time-management, planning, scheduling tools, priority setting etc. We also support participants to create a space dedicated for work, to develop a mindset that encourages success, and to set out mutual expectations for co-habitant behaviours when working from home.

FSP-5 Effective Decision-Making During Times of Crisis

This module gives leaders the tools to generate ownership amongst their teams, whilst providing a step-by-step guide to decision making during times of crisis. The module creates clarity around how and who to consult when making crucial decisions at times of uncertainty.

In this module, participants are provided with techniques, a space to consider what complementary behaviour they should be displaying and the mindset to flip a crisis into an opportunity; a space where potential and successes are cultivated and harnessed.

FSP-6 Managing Stress

Work-related stress is often silent but can be deadly. Not only is it dangerous to an employee and their colleagues, but it can affect the morale and productivity of a team.

This module provides participants with an introductory knowledge of the causes, signs and consequences that stress can have on individuals, their teams and their general well-being. It identifies the difference between pressure and stress and provides a toolkit on managing both whilst acknowledging diversity in approaches and experiences.

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