Skills Mapping Service

Grow Salone’s Skills Mapping Service enables organisations to assess a broad spectrum of professional competencies and to be more focussed in professional development programmes.

The Skills Mapping process has four stages:

  1. Competency Mapping
    Understanding the competencies that your organisation wants within each department, and what strength you require at different tiers of management.

  2. Skills Assessment
    Better understanding the strength of your staff across a range of skills and competencies.

  3. Skills Analysis and Mapping
    Mapping the skill level of your staff against the competency map to identify the areas of greatest need across your organisation. Assessments are done ‘on-desk’ in the form of 20- minute daily quizzes and exercises.

  4. Training Recommendations
    Using your skills map to design a laser-focussed training programme to up-skill your existing staff and to improve productivity across the organisation.

Service Options

There are three options to choose from when undertaking a skills mapping process: